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Teaching adds significant meaning to my life.

About me

Hi! My name is Begum. I’m a private Turkish tutor, providing lessons in Surrey, London and the surrounding areas.

I studied Finance at Cag University to degree level and obtained my master’s degree in Psychology, also at Cag University. I provided private English lessons to children in my hometown, Adana, for six years. In 2017, my husband and I made the life-changing decision to move to Surrey. Since then, I’ve been providing private Turkish tuition to English-speakers, mostly the children of Turkish parents.


International Finance & Banking

Bachelor’s Degree, Cag University, 2014


Master Programme with Thesis, Cag University, 2017

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A little more personal...

I am a fashion enthusiast, and I always enjoy a good cup of coffee. I like taking photos, listening to music while driving, watching movies with my husband and spending time with my family, especially my 2-year-old nephew.

Working with children

For over six years, I had the chance to work with children, teens and adults of various abilities, as a private tutor. However, I always seem to be able to build a strong bond with children no matter what age. I love children, but I also believe my studies in psychology help me to understand the young on another level.

When I work with children, I always like to praise them both verbally and through little rewards when they work with enthusiasm. I truly believe that positive communication and incentives motivate children to continue their hard work and work even harder next time.

I understand each student’s pace of learning, especially in one-to-one sessions. If they’re determined to learn and progress, I will always push them further.

Teaching is a joy! But wait, learning is, too!

I enjoy being able to contribute to another person’s knowledge. Witnessing someone learning from me and enjoying gaining a deep understanding of the topic is priceless. Teaching adds significance and meaning to my life.

I like teaching, as much as I enjoy learning myself. I believe that there is no limit to learning, and knowledge brings remarkable value to life. Additionally, learning a new language opens new doors. When you study a language, you also learn about the country, its culture and traditions. It will help you to build on your knowledge of the world while making new friends.

An essential part of life is communication, which always comes with a language, regardless of its form. We all have a language, but having more than one is a great achievement!

“My son learned English from Begum for two years. She kept him motivated, helped him to get better grades at school and won his heart with her attention. She is an accomplished tutor.”

Ayse Acar, Parent

“I feel so lucky to have Begum as a teacher. We couldn’t hope for a better teacher. She is supportive, kind and patient. I love her very much and wish the best for her.”

Sude Salmanoglu, Student

“Thanks to Begum, my son enjoyed learning English very much and also succeeded at school. We are pleased with Begum’s teaching and support.”

Muberra Ozkoymen, Parent

“Learning a new language is the most joyful endeavour, but one of the hardest at the same time. You have to make an effort to achieve it. Therefore you need someone to encourage you, motivate you, make you happy, and who is also passionate about teaching. Begum Acikel is that person in my life.”

Sevval Tasar, Student

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